I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Pasadena. I began my Master’s degree in 2000, which began a personal journey that has dramatically impacted my practice.

During my academic training, I was faced with several personal relationship crises and there were many times when I felt completely overwhelmed. My personal psychotherapy became a place of refuge as I began to face the underlying issues that were at play in my current relationships. Slowly, I was able to find an inner strength that kept me going in spite of the circumstances around me. Without that support, I would not have been able to achieve my goals. As a result, I feel very passionate about the benefits of psychotherapy. I believe it takes tremendous courage to acknowledge that we need help but once we do, the relief that is possible from the therapeutic process is undeniable.

Even though “life continues to happen,” I have the skills to face whatever is thrown my way. I believe we all have struggles that can overwhelm us. Therapy gives us the tools to face them head on and not only survive but also to thrive. That is why I do this work. It is a privilege to watch as people grow and change in spite of serious circumstances and to celebrate each step along the way. If this is what you want in your life, I would be honored to be part of that process.

March 2003 California State University, Los Angeles
Master of Science, School Based Family Counseling,
Pupil Personnel Services Credential,
Certification in Child Welfare and Attendance

May 1982 California State University, Northridge
Bachelor of Arts, Child Development
Minor in Psychology

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